Talent Assessment – Assessing People for Senior Jobs

“Most organisations spend far less time and money recruiting and assessing senior executives than they do on capital investments of a similar value. It is almost impossible to quantify the costs of a poor senior selection decision- or the benefit of getting it right”.

Jon Lurie, report author and partner, CRF.

As we believe appointing a senior executive is one of the most important decisions a company takes we offer our clients a range of assessment tools as part of the selection process to ensure a good fit. To enable us to offer our clients the highest quality we work together with different partners who are experts on this subject matter on an academic and practical level. Please contact us if you want to receive more information about our tailored Talent Assessment service.

Ten lessons of good practice

  1. Be honest about the culture and what it takes to succeed within it
  2. Be clear about what success in the job means and how it will be measured
  3. Assess candidates against the context, culture and job requirements
  4. Assess character as well as performance
  5. Use a range of assessment tools and techniques
  6. Assess how individuals can use their strengths to be successful in the role
  7. Make the selection process part of the integration into the culture
  8. Think of on-boarding as an integration process, not just a briefing activity
  9. Act quickly in providing feedback
  10. Ensure that the effort put into the selection and on-boarding reflects its importance.

Market Mapping / Talent Mapping

“Planning for Succession in Changing Times”
“The most powerful message from this study is that organisations seeking a more agile response to business change are moving in the direction of a more agile succession approach to match –simple, flexible, robust and leading to context-specific action on development and job filling”. Wendy Hirsch report author CRF.

To support our clients with their succession planning processes, we can offer the following service:
Market Mapping/ Talent Mapping: this involves delivery of a robust map of your competitors within defined target organisations, further broken down into segmented groups or teams, in order to allow you to effectively prioritise your future resourcing/recruitment activities. This can be executed via our identifying target pools of candidates according to your set criteria, for example by title, seniority or location etc., resulting in an external talent pipeline to support your organisation’s succession plan.

Recent assignments have included:

  • HR Business Leaders, Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Global Head of HR, Financial Services
  • Work Force Strategy, Telecom 
  • Group HR Director, Oil & Gas
  • Global Head of Resourcing, Tobacco Industry

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