A Typical Job Profile For This Role



Rewards & Performance Strategy, Policies, Methodologies, and Alignment

  • Lead the strategic alignment of Reward approaches across the function including international compensation, reward policy, and career/job structure.
  • Lead Performance Management across the business footprint – ensuring optimal approach.
  • Leadership of team of five direct reports and virtual Reward matrix across business footprint.
  • Regularly assess Compensation with a focus on remaining competitive and relevant as employee demographics and workplace needs shift, particularly in line with multinational, cultural requirements across the footprint.
  • Stay current on compensation trends for critical workforce segments and markets.
  • Lead Compensation & performance review processes.
  • Provide Compensation strategy (design to delivery) for contractual frameworks, exit instruments, grading processes, structures and benchmarking.
  • Lead on reward communication and training to deliver maximum clarity, alignment, standardization across the footprint and to elicit the greatest awareness and engagement of employees.
  • Lead the approach to benchmarking and surveys and leverage to design and steer Reward strategies and programs.
  • Develop global compensation strategy tied to the business’ strategic objectives, including compensation philosophy, methodology.
  • Develop tactical Reward responses to varying business requirements – e.g. Retention Programs.
  • Identify the strategic approach and lead alignment of large scale programs to globalize Reward to achieve greater consistency, economies of scale and support the business strategic goals.
  • Provide approvals, managerial oversight of governance processes as they relate to the Reward and compensation processes and payroll as required.
  • Provide support to the executive population on complex remuneration matters.
  • Influence and challenge the executive population, Executive Leadership Team, People Directors and People Leadership Team to adopt the Global Reward strategy.
  • Collaborate and engage across the operating company reward leads to ensure the link is maintained across the global footprint and reward agenda.
  • Identify and drive new thinking around use of technology and service delivery to support the innovative execution of Reward & Performance strategies.
  • Direct the design, delivery, communication, training, and administration of the aligned bonus plans, Corporate bonus plans, compliant with applicable US, UK, and other country securities, legal, and tax requirements, including the determination of global tax compliance and provision of global payroll data as required.
  • As needed, contribute to the preparation of materials for the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors, as required for approval and administration of executive compensation programs.
  • Contribute to the reward aspects of M&A, from initial due diligence through to integration/divestment.

Management & Leadership

  • Lead and develop professionals across the Reward team and continually drive and improve performance to ensure excellent best-in-class Reward.
  • Lead the strategy integration of all aspects of the Reward function to ensure effective alignment, cohesiveness, clarity, and collaboration.
  • Lead, communicate, and motivate across the Reward function and demonstrate Liberty Global values and high standards of conduct.
  • Ensure that the function performs within agreed budgets and performance metrics and has an agreed continuous improvement path.
  • Responsible for analysing the Reward strategy to estimate effects on business, employees, and clients with the intention of providing new, best-in-class approaches that more effectively align to business goals, culture, and engagement.

Relationship Management

  • Engage and collaborate at a senior level to align multiple stakeholders with the Reward function strategy and ensure flawless partnering across the business and HR structure to deliver at the highest level.
  • Seek feedback on the Reward function from stakeholders to embody a continuous improvement mind set and alignment.

Thought Leadership & Expertise

  • Bring expertise to bear in the strategy design, development, and implementation of the Global Reward approaches which will meet all business objectives and engagement targets.