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The CRF 2024 Programme

We can expect 2024 to bring continued economic, political and social turbulence. In this context it will be essential for HR to drive a business-focused agenda and deliver actions that increase the capacity of the organisation and the people who work there to weather ongoing storms.

With this in mind, CRF’s 2024 Programme builds the knowledge, capability and effectiveness of the HR function by providing access to new thinking, tools and frameworks, and exploring how to apply these in practice.

Three themes underpin the 2024 programme:

  2. Building LEADERS who are equipped to DRIVE CHANGE while delivering BUSINESS RESULTS
  3. Creating a HIGH-PERFORMANCE ENVIRONMENT that enables people to THRIVE

These themes are underpinned by the need to make decisions and develop people strategies based on evidence.

For more information and detail on each event included in the 2024 Programme, follow the links below. If you would like to hear more information on CRF membership, or would be interested to attend an event as a guest of SD, please get in touch with one of the SD Team.


The CRF 2024 Events and Research Programme

Evidence-Based HR: A New Paradigm, 25 January; London | 7 February; Online, with Research
A Systems Thinking Approach to Organisational Change, 19-20 February; Home Counties | 20 February; Online
Emerging Approaches to Leadership Development in the Gulf, 27 February; Saudi Arabia | 29 February; Abu Dhabi, with Research
Reskilling for Sustainable Growth, 21 March; London | 22 March; Online, with Research
Building Capability Through Learning Innovation, 29-30 April; Lausanne | 7 May; Online, with Research
Gulf Conference: Building Skills and Talent for the Future, 9-10 May; Abu Dhabi
HR Leaders’ Briefing: Reskilling for Sustainable Growth, 16 May; Amsterdam | 23 May; Stockholm
High Impact Leadership Development, 18 June; London | 26 June; Online
Driving Organisational Performance: HR’s Critical Role, 19 September; London | 27 September; Online, with Research
International Conference: Applications and Implications of Emerging Technology, 7-9 October; Malta | 7 October, Online
HR Leaders’ Briefing: Driving Organisational Performance: HR’s Critical Role, 4 November; Saudi Arabia | 8 November, Dubai14 November; Stockholm | 21 November, Amsterdam
Sustaining Employee Wellbeing, 21 November; London | 28 November; Online, with Research
HR Leaders’ End of Year, 5 December; London