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We kick off our calendar of blogs for the year ahead by focusing on the candidate journey, bringing to you our top tips to start your search for a career move in 2019.


1. How visible are you?

What does the external market get to see of you? LinkedIn is an obvious and brilliant tool, but what else? Who do you know that is important to know? What networks are you involved in? Does your CV present you in the best possible light?

2. CV – Clean and succinct.

Provide some context to your business and your roles – turnover, size, scale, geographic reach, reporting line, team size etc. We want to know what you have done. Focus on your  achievements, not tasks or a job description. Numbers are good, hard commercial data. What difference have you made?

3. LinkedIn – Your ‘shop window’.

An abbreviated version of your CV is fine. A professional photo is essential, but then how do you use it? Who do you follow? What forums are you engaged with? It requires some effort and judgement to get this right. Do you contribute to appropriate debates? Are you sharing good content?

4. Network(ing) – No longer an option.

Great candidates have great networks – ‘good people know good people’. LinkedIn can help build this via past colleagues, but nothing beats a personal, faceto-face connection. You need to be seen at the right events, be part of the best clubs, be involved in good online debate(s), and know the best headhunters, reward and strategy consultants. Who do you know at the business schools?

5. Consultants – Two-way process.

You should help each other out, accept invitations to meet up, provide advice, and refer good people. These should be positive, career-long relationships. You need to pick the right people. Again this requires effort and judgement, but it is essential to building a successful career. Be open-minded about what you are presented with. Put yourself in a position to be considered for roles and to get choices.

6. Keep in touch – You want to stay front of mind.

What’s new? What’s going on in your business that’s interesting – what insights can you share? What rumours have you heard? How’s the market?



We are happy to help. If the above seems daunting, let us reassure you that it really isn’t. The best consultants will be happy to help with advice and support as you approach the market and manage your search.

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