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Tips for Getting Noticed in an Employer Driven Market

1. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and professional

Your profile is your “shop window” and should be concise and clear, with examples from your experience which demonstrate your commerciality i.e.: your tangible impact on the “bottom line”.

Always include a photo that is friendly but professional.

If you are available to work, be sure to enable the #OpenToWork feature to make this immediately visible to future employers and search firms. If there is pressure to hire quickly, these might be the only profiles viewed. This is particularly important for interim candidates.

If you are open to relocation or various locations, make this known.

2. An Impactful CV

Studies show that the average time spent looking at each CV when sifting through applications is under 10 seconds! Therefore, you should aim for a maximum of 3 pages, easy-to-read font and a clear layout. The content should be output and achievement orientated rather than being purely responsibility focused. Ask a trusted friend or family member to look at your CV for 10 seconds so they can tell you what they learned about you in that time.

If you have strong academics, even if you are well advanced in your career, make sure you include these.

It sounds obvious, but make sure contact details are easy to find!

We are happy to help, if you would like further CV advice please get in touch with our Head of Research, Alice Hocknell.

3. Networking

This has never been more important. Many employers and search firms are reticent to advertise vacancies due to the unpredictability of responses, in terms of volume and quality. Therefore, it is vital that you keep in touch (or get back in touch) with contacts, past colleagues and search firms. Maintaining existing relationships and nurturing new connections is key.

4. LinkedIn Activity

Take time to do online networking. Share, like and comment on well written, relevant articles from business schools, executive search firms and businesses you are interested in. Follow organisations and target employers that interest you. 

5. Keep you knowledge up-to-date

Whether you are currently employed or not, it’s important to keep up to date with current HR trends and topical business issues. Our sister business, Corporate Research Forum, has a range of upcoming webinars and events which provide the opportunity for networking and discussion on some of the current challenges facing HR and business, as well as practical tools to help overcome them.

CRF also produce high-quality research reports, reading these and other publications will help demonstrate your appetite for ongoing learning and give you extra confidence at interview stage, knowing you are well-informed of current HR trends. Please see CRF’s latest report Permanent Flexibility: Reimagining Remote Working Post-COVID as an example.

If you would like to find out more about CRF please contact: Clive Steer, Business Development Manager.